Goodbye Owen Concerts!

21 July we play our two final orchestra concerts before Owen heads to Buenos Aires!



"Chamber Music on Steroids...4.5 stars." - John Shand, SMH

Tángalo is one of Australia's premier modern tango projects creating the sounds of both the golden age of Argentine tango and contemporary fusions. Tángalo works in formats from duo to symphonic orchestra, bringing sounds together of violin, viola, double bass, piano, vocals, bass clarinet and the awesome force of bandoneons to create a powerful and yet moving sonic landscape.

Find out about upcoming performances.

A fun Milonga video!

Enjoy this live moment of Tángalo 'Orquesta Típica' at the Camelot Lounge in Marrickville. Playing one of Owen's great arrangements - the Milonga 'Campo Afuera'.

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