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About ‘Good Enough For Gringos’

Good Enough For Gringos is the long awaited debut album from Sydney-based tango quintet Tángalo. The album is a unique blend of both new arrangements of 'Golden Age' tango music, and original compositions by Owen Salomé and Emily-Rose Šarkova. Tángalo use Violin, Guitar, Double Bass, Flute, Accordion, Piano and Voices to create a sound that is is beguiling and vividly personal. The dazzling instrumental lines and impassioned vocals reference both the poetic background of tango music, and something considerably more modern. 
Gentler tracks such as 'Jacinto Chiclana' contrast with the violence of the 'Fugato'. Recognisable and well known tangos such as 'La Cumparsita' and 'Poema' are re-imagined (with new arrangements that celebrate the essence of tango). The more playful 'El Patito Feo' and 'De Antaño' can be heard next to the sensuous 'Las Aguas Tranquilas' and the tension of 'Tango Lluvia'. The wonderful vocals of esteemed Argentine tango singer, Fabián Rodríguez, are featured on 'Hasta Siempre Amor' in a unique collaboration.
Through all of these changing moods and characters, Tángalo maintain an exquisite musical sensitivity that allows this album to simply unfurl like the scent of an exotic flower drifting in the warm summer air of a Buenos Aires, or Sydney, evening.